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Partfinder Saudi Arabia was created with the sole purpose of helping to locate and provide exceptional quality spare parts for all sorts of automobiles. Not only this, we devised a process that would help you find those parts at the lowest prices you can find online and we can arrange to deliver the required parts at your desired location. This means no more agonizing and never-ending visits to auto markets and guaranteed genuine new, refurbished, and used spare parts within your reach.  Car Spare Parts In Saudi Arabia

Shifting Sands of Automotive Industry in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has become the undisputed and largest new automotive sales and auto parts market in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia already accounts for about 40% of total vehicles sold in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia imports over a million vehicles every year including cars, semi-commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks. It is the fifth-largest US export market and the largest in the Middle East for automobiles. The country remains a lucrative market for luxury and SUV vehicles and the demand keeps growing. With a virtually non-existent auto manufacturing industry in the country, almost all the vehicles are imported here.

However, things are improving rapidly in KSA as the government has embarked on an array of industrial, social, and entertainment projects under its Vision 2030 initiative to diversify the economy away from its history-old reliance on the petrochemical industry. Recent developments such as lifting the ban on female drivers mean that half the population is now eligible to drive, which can bring a foundational change to the automotive industry.

Saudi Arabia, A Commercial Hub for Gulf Territory  Car Parts For Sale In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been considered the financial powerhouse of the Middle East for a long time. The economy of KSA is gigantic and rich thanks to its enormous oil reserves. With a population of mere 35 million souls, it boasts of 793 billion dollars in GDP and steady economic growth thanks to its natural reserves.

Saudi Arabia has brought forward Vision 2030 which is bound to change the economic and cultural landscape of the country. It is based on three primary themes which are 1- A vibrant society, 2- A thriving economy, and 3- An ambitious nation. These themes would result in accommodating 4 times more pilgrimage visitors than the current count, the creation of the largest Islamic museum, doubling the Saudi heritage sites, and so on.

For a thriving economy, a diversification drive would create dynamic job opportunities through education, entrepreneurship, and innovation, privatization of state-owned assets including the oil giant ARAMCO, unlocking the potential in manufacturing, renewable energy, and tourism, creating and updating new universities and lending a helping hand to the Small and medium-sized enterprises. 

In order to be an ambitious nation, there would be zero tolerance towards any sort of corruption, there would be increased accountability, transparency, and effectiveness and the focus would be on improved and transparent governance.

Transportation Trend in KSA  Auto Spare Parts In Saudi Arabia

The modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in 1932 at that time no ports were established and there were less than 30 miles of paved roads. Today’s Saudi Arabia is a different beast altogether. Approximately 100,000 miles of roads connect the vast land of the Kingdom and with limited routes available for trains and rail networks, roads are the main connecting medium to not only mass transportation but financial commitments as well. With approximately 7 million passenger vehicles on the roads, there is no doubt that the nation relies heavily on private transportation and owning a car is a norm in this region. Such an enormous influx of vehicles warrants tremendous demand for spare parts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The total value of the automotive aftermarket sales in the entire Middle East and Africa was 28 billion US dollars. Unlike the developed countries, the trend in Saudi Arabia inclines more towards repairing and replacements of parts rather than discarding the vehicle. Supply of reliable and easily accessible parts delivery is very important. There are a few ways that you can procure the parts in Saudi Arabia.

Spare Parts Availability in Saudi Arabia

Anyone can locate the dealership and buy brand-new spare parts from there but it is a well-known fact that brand-new genuine parts from dealerships are usually the most expensive ones and buying the same part at a cheaper price is not impossible if you know your choices. We know the first choice is the most expensive one through the dealership. If you are interested in saving money then you should look at the option of used spare parts.

These are genuine used spare parts that come off from the scraped vehicle. The only problem with that is that you must ensure that you are acquiring a working and reliable spare part. Buying a bogus or non-working part means damaging your vehicle and your pocket. The safest choice is to go for refurbished spare parts as they are slightly used parts that are carefully refurbished. Performance wise they work as good as a new part and are way cheaper than the brand-new parts.  Used Spare Parts In Saudi Arabia

Your Best Choice for Buying Spare Parts

A conventional way of buying spare parts is to visit the local auto market and search for the desired part from there. This is a complicated, tiring and sometimes expensive process. You never know who has the desired part in stock, you are never sure of its authenticity and you cannot compare the price with someone else immediately.

Partfinder Saudi Arabia provides you with a much better and more efficient alternative. We help you locate and procure your required part wherever it is located in Saudi Arabia and arrange a safe and secure delivery to your desired destination. The best thing is that you can do this all from the safety of your home.

How do we Make it Possible?

Let us explain how our business model works. We manage a vast network of parts sellers situated all over Saudi Arabia that are trusted and verified. They have to keep high customer satisfaction ratings to continue doing business with us. They stock new, used and refurbished spare parts of all make and models and are always willing to help.

We understand that doing online business may not be everyone’s cup of tea so we have left no stone unturned to make the process as easy as possible. All you need to do is fill in the required fields such as make, model, and year of manufacturing and mention the part that you require. Our system searches the database and lets the part seller know about the demand. You start receiving the non-obligatory quotes and can choose the part according to your budget and specifications. You have the liberty to order any auto parts including car parts, van parts, SUV parts, or 4x4 parts.  Car Parts In Saudi Arabia

Why Choose Partfinder Saudi Arabia?

Reputation, fair dealings and experience are three cornerstones that are critical to any online portal doing direct business with its clients. We recognized the need to provide an easily accessible online portal where anyone can purchase the auto parts they require, and invested our resources to fulfill that dream. Our experience has given us the liberty to refine the process of online buying and our reputation has increased many folds due to our transparency. Our stringent checks on the sellers help us retain the clientele and keep them coming back for more.

100% Customer Satisfaction and Up to 60% Savings

Our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers so they feel confident whenever they need the products again without any fear or problem. We do this by offering a warranty on every part that is being sold at our portal. This gives them great peace of mind. You can save almost 50% when you choose used or refurbished parts instead of new ones and our festive sales add an extra 10% to the savings.

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